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Find Top Flight Deals to Ningbo (NGB)

Find Top Flight Deals to Ningbo (NGB)

Interesting facts about Ningbo

Visit Ningbo, a major port in east China’s Zhejiang Province and home to Tianyi Ge, one of the country’s oldest libraries, which dates back to 1516. Start your trip with an easy decision today by choosing Xiamen Airlines for your flights to Ningbo!

Sightseeing in Ningbo

A trip to Tianyi Ge is well-worth a visit. The library is home to a collection of intriguing regional treasures and artefacts of the Neolithic Hemudu culture which existed between 5500 BC and 3300 BC. Allow a couple of hours to wander around this series of pavilions and courtyards. It’s recommended to enter by the western gate and leave by the southern gate. After your visit, spend some time in the nearby verdant Yuehu Park.

Shopping in Ningbo

If shopping is on your to-do list, head down to Tianyi Square which is home to lively shopping arcades retailing high-end fashion, a two-storey supermarket and a musical fountain! Ningbo also specialises in various bamboo art forms. Fanhuang bamboo sculptures are made by boiling and softening the bamboo, and then fashioning it into lively figures. Xiangshan bamboo root carvings are another art form that features animal and other figures carved from bamboo roots. Ningbo mat, a famous local product, consists of weaving bamboo and fine grasses.

For a relaxed arrival in this interesting city, book your Ningbo flights with Xiamen Airlines today.

Weather in Ningbo

Saturday ,light rain
14°C 17/11/2018
Sunday ,heavy intensity rain
15°C 18/11/2018
Monday ,light rain
14°C 19/11/2018
Tuesday ,sky is clear
18°C 20/11/2018
Wednesday ,light rain
17°C 21/11/2018
Thursday ,moderate rain
14°C 22/11/2018
Friday ,light rain
15°C 23/11/2018
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