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Find Top Flight Deals to Kunming (KMG)

Find Top Flight Deals to Kunming (KMG)

Interesting facts about Kunming

Take a trip to Kunming, the capital and largest city of Yunnan Province in southwest China. The previously walled city features an 8th-century temple founded by Buddhists. Enjoy the city’s temperate climate, which makes it popular with locals and tourists alike. Start your trip relaxed and refreshed after a comfortable Kunming flight with Xiamen Airlines.

Sightseeing in Kunming

Enjoy the city’s interesting temples, some of which date back centuries. The serene Yuantong Temple is over 1,200 years old and considered to be the grandest Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province. After a walk through the tranquil grounds, relax at the attached vegetarian restaurant. Nearby, Jinma Biji historic site is another must-see. Two archways in the form of a Golden Horse and a Jade Cockerel define the symbols of Kunming as you step into a different world of antique shops and winding alleyways.

Kunming Cuisine

You’ll be spoilt for food choices in Kunming! Stroll along Xiba Road to sample dishes such as Guizhou soup goose hotpot and various Yunnan local delicacies like Rubing, which is pan-fried goat’s cheese. For dessert, try pineapple rice, a delicious dish that combines scooped out pineapple mixed with raisins, rock sugar, sliced almonds and coconut milk. Wash it all down with a cup of Pu’er black tea, one of the oldest teas in the world.

For a friendly arrival in this ancient city, book your flights to Kunming with Xiamen Airlines today.

Weather in Kunming

Saturday ,sky is clear
13°C 17/11/2018
Sunday ,sky is clear
17°C 18/11/2018
Monday ,sky is clear
18°C 19/11/2018
Tuesday ,sky is clear
18°C 20/11/2018
Wednesday ,sky is clear
19°C 21/11/2018
Thursday ,light rain
14°C 22/11/2018
Friday ,light rain
14°C 23/11/2018
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