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Find Top Flight Deals to Quanzhou (JJN)

Find Top Flight Deals to Quanzhou (JJN)

Interesting facts about Quanzhou

Quanzhou is one of the most historical and cultural cities in China. On top of that, it is also beautiful and is a top attraction for hikers and tourists alike. With your flights to Quanzhou with Xiamen Airlines, you can experience traditional Chinese hospitality before you land. We pride ourselves on offering impeccable levels of customer service to ensure our passengers arrive rested, happy and relaxed.

Sightseeing in Quanzhou

Visit Kaiyuan Temple, a large Buddhist complex just north-west of downtown Quanzhou. Here you can watch the monks at work and praying, enjoy the pristine gardens or buy souvenirs at Xi Jie, a busy shopping street just on the outskirts of the temple. Qingjing Mosque is also well worth a visit. It is a beautiful example of the history of the city and is over 1,000 years old. There are also several noteworthy museums to explore, including the Puppet Museum and Quanzhou Maritime Museum. Mount Qingyuan is an accessible, easy-to-climb mountain that offers beautiful views over the city from its mountain-top tea room.

Quanzhou Food and Drink

Quanzhou’s cuisine is not to be missed. There’s something for everyone at the night market, from fresh sea food to frozen siphon worms, noodles to barbequed meats. You should also partake in a traditional tea ceremony, as Quanzhou is famed for its fantastic and varied tea production. Travel to Quanzhou with Xiamen Airlines for a comfortable flight that will leave you ready to explore.

Weather in Quanzhou

Wednesday ,sky is clear
26°C 16/10/2019
Thursday ,sky is clear
26°C 17/10/2019
Friday ,sky is clear
26°C 18/10/2019
Saturday ,sky is clear
26°C 19/10/2019
Sunday ,sky is clear
25°C 20/10/2019
Monday ,sky is clear
25°C 21/10/2019
Tuesday ,sky is clear
24°C 22/10/2019
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