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Indonesia is made up of 17,000 different islands – an archipelago that straddles the equator, stretching 5,000 kilometres from the tip of Sumatra to the furthest reaches of Papua. It seems to be a Lost World and, although you won’t see any dinosaurs, you will find dragons on the islands of Rinca and Komodo. Get ready for an adventure and book flights to Indonesia today.

What to Do in Indonesia

This tropical archipelago is as wild and exciting as it is beautiful and peaceful. It’s a world of many languages and personalities, where you can dive over ship wrecks off the beaches of Tulamben, climb volcanoes out of the humid tropics in Lombok or relax on the quiet beaches of the Gili Islands, with no roads and no worries, waiting for the turtles that come to nest there at dusk. See the orangutans of Kalimantan, the Komodo Dragons near Flores and the manta rays swooping through the coastal shallows around Manta Point. Finally, head to Bali and the surf-wrapped Kuta Beach for a wild nightlife that includes foam, pool parties and plenty of bucket cocktails.

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