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Find Top Flight Deals to Fuzhou (FOC)

Top Flight Offers to Fuzhou

  1. SHA-FOC

    Shanghai to Fuzhou



    EUR 429

    Round trip

  2. CDG-FOC

    Paris to Fuzhou



    EUR 572

    Round trip

  3. GVA-FOC

    Geneva to Fuzhou



    EUR 640

    Round trip

  4. MUC-FOC

    Munich to Fuzhou



    EUR 748

    Round trip

*Prices have been available for round trips within last 48 hours and may not be currently available. Additional baggage fees for other optional service may apply. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Find Top Flight Deals to Fuzhou (FOC)

Interesting facts about Fuzhou

Visit Fuzhou, the beautiful capital city of Fujian Province. Located on the banks of the Minjiang River, the city offers the perfect blend of city life and relaxing, outdoor spaces. Start your trip today with one easy decision – choose Xiamen Airlines for your flights to Fuzhou. 

Sightseeing in Fuzhou

Experience old Fuzhou at Sanfang Qixiang and Zhuzi Workshop, an area of well-preserved historic buildings. Stroll San Fang Qi Xiang (Three Lanes and Seven Alleys), a busy alley featuring local vendors. Wander in the many outdoor spaces, like Fuzhou Chating Park and Xihu Park. Temples are important to the city, especially the popular Xichan Temple. For a panoramic view of the city, take the cable car or hike to the top of Gu Shan (Drum Mountain).  

Fuzhou Cuisine

Be sure to order tea in Fuzhou. The city was the busiest tea port in China during the 19th century and the tradition remains today. The local cuisine incorporates a lot of fresh seafood, so sample fish ball, wind duck paste, or fo tiao qiang, a medley of local delicacies.

For a friendly arrival in this welcoming city, book your flights to Fuzhou with Xiamen Airlines today.

Weather in Fuzhou

Thursday ,sky is clear
11°C 17/01/2019
Friday ,sky is clear
13°C 18/01/2019
Saturday ,few clouds
16°C 19/01/2019
Sunday ,light rain
14°C 20/01/2019
Monday ,sky is clear
11°C 21/01/2019
Tuesday ,light rain
12°C 22/01/2019
Wednesday ,light rain
14°C 23/01/2019
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