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Find Top Flight Deals to Urumqi (URC)

Find Top Flight Deals to Urumqi (URC)

Interesting facts about Urumqi

Visit Urumqi, sometimes written Ürümqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China. Home to 49 minority ethnic groups, this city was an important stop along the ancient Silk Road, leading to Central Asia and Europe. Start your trip today with one easy decision – choose Xiamen Airlines for your flights to Urumqi.

Sightseeing in Urumqi

One of Urumqi’s landmarks is the revered Urumqi Red Hill with its reddish-brown rocks and emerald-green pagoda and shrines. The hill rocks are reddish-brown, hence the name Red Hill. Though little remains of the original three temples built there in the Qing dynasty people regard the hill as the symbol of the city. Stretch your legs in People’s Park of Urumqi. Located on the west bank of the Urumqi River, and originally a stretch of marshland, it has been developed into a pretty park with pavilions and a lake with rowing boats for hire.

Urumqi Travel Tips

Urumqi sits in the shadow of the majestic ice-capped Mount Bogda with a fascinating mix of varied vegetation, from the pine-blanketed Southern Hill to the south to the immense Salt Lake to the east and sand dunes and fields of the Junggar Basin to the northwest. The city has short springs and autumns, but longer winters and summers. Temperatures vary dramatically from day to night so be prepared with an extra jumper or t-shirt!

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Weather in Urumqi

Saturday ,light snow
-11°C 17/11/2018
Sunday ,light snow
-4°C 18/11/2018
Monday ,light snow
-5°C 19/11/2018
Tuesday ,light snow
-5°C 20/11/2018
Wednesday ,light snow
-6°C 21/11/2018
Thursday ,light snow
-9°C 22/11/2018
Friday ,snow
-5°C 23/11/2018
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