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Enjoyed your German adventure? Book flights from Frankfurt with Xiamen Airlines and prepare to be spoilt by our friendly staff, whose job it is to ensure your safety and comfort are always top priority. Fly with Xiamen Airlines, sit back, relax and arrive at your destination refreshed, rested and ready to go.

Leaving Frankfurt

Frankfurt is served by Frankfurt Airport (FRA), a major international airport and the 4th most popular in Europe with the most direct routes in the world. This large airport is often busy but never crowded, with all the pre-flight luxuries you could ever want.

Getting to Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport, located in Frankfurt City Forest, can be reached easily via bus and coach, as well as by rail, using the long-distance and regional stations. The airport can also be easily accessed by car and it has a very extensive travel network. Choose Xiamen Airlines for your flights from Frankfurt. You can even join our Egret Club to make traveling even more rewarding.