Covid 19

Fly Safe With Xiamen Airlines

Hygiene on board

To ensure the health and safety of our passengers, we’ve implemented a thorough cleaning and disinfection plan for each aircraft after a complete journey. Lavatories, cabin floors, table tray, armrests, overhead bins and other components the passengers may touch shall be sanitized by chlorine-containing disinfectants. Possible contaminated seat fabrics are soaked in highly-efficient disinfectants for a thorough disinfection.

hygiene on board

Air Filtration

In addition, Xiamen Airlines aircraft have been equipped with high efficient air filter (HEPA). It can replace the cabin air every 2 to 3 minutes, effectively filtering 99.97% of particles above 0.3 micron seize, including viruses. Meanwhile, during the COVID-19 pandemic period, filters replacement cycle have been shortened for better effect.


Protect You All The Way


Every outbound passenger is subject to strict temperature monitoring at the check-in counter. Those with temperature exceeding 37.3 ℃ are advised to postpone their journey. To ensure the health and safety of our passengers and staff, our frontline personnel will have their temperature checked before work, and wear masks or facial shields when on duty.

At The Lounge

Our lounges are daily scrubbed and disinfected on a regular basis. Hand sanitizer dispensers and sulfur soap are available. All our staff wears masks or facial shields when on duty.


When boarding, every passenger will be reminded to wear a mask by ground crew. All our on-duty staff wears masks or facial shields.

On Board

All crew members will have had a comprehensive temperature monitoring before boarding. The services are conducted with masks and gloves, gloves replaced after each service procedure. Flight attendants will help monitor each passenger’s temperature during the flight.Xiamen Airlines recommends hands sanitization to our passengers before eating, and avoiding direct contact with food. Passengers of adjacent seats will be advised to eat at different time.


Arriving passengers are also required to have their temperature monitored.. All our staff will provide services with masks or facial shields

Information From Our Partners

During these unprecedented times, SkyTeam and its members are continuing to collaborate to ensure the safety of every one of our customers. 

Latest Travel Regulations

Please visit the IATA Travel Centre for the latest travel regulations of the destinations you are travelling to.