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Interesting facts about Taiyuan

Book a flight to Taiyuan, the capital and largest city of North China’s Shanxi Province and one of the country’s main manufacturing bases. Start your trip today with one easy decision – choose Xiamen Airlines for your Taiyuan flights.

Things to Do in Taiyuan

The Twin Pagoda Temple, built sometime during the Ming dynasty, is certainly worth a visit. The temple sports twin pagodas, each 13 stories high and 53 metres tall, made entirely of bricks and stone. Take time as well to visit the Jin Temple, which can be traced back to the Western Zhou dynasty. As you walk through the temple’s imperial-type garden, you’re bound to be impressed by its wonderful mix of ancient trees and decorative pavilions and bridges.

Taiyuan Travel Tips

The city has some interesting local products. Duanmu inkstone, for example, consists of three different coloured inks, the stone originating from the nearby Duanmu Mountain. Taiyuan polished lacquer ware is another speciality. Made from wood coated with natural lacquer and then decorated with a mix of painted flowers and birds, several layers of highly burnished lacquer are then applied to create a delicate finish to products such as jewellery cases and screens.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the trip is getting there! Travel to Taiyuan with Xiamen Airlines and arrive relaxed and ready to explore!

Weather in Taiyuan

Saturday ,sky is clear
23°C 19/09/2020
Sunday ,broken clouds
24°C 20/09/2020
Monday ,overcast clouds
21°C 21/09/2020
Tuesday ,overcast clouds
20°C 22/09/2020
Wednesday ,light rain
20°C 23/09/2020
Thursday ,light rain
21°C 24/09/2020
Friday ,light rain
19°C 25/09/2020
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