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South Korea is a country drenched in history and culture. You’ll be amazed by the quaint remote villages that live peacefully alongside booming cities. Travel to South Korea with Xiamen Airlines for a comfortable flight that will leave you ready to explore, and earn points on your flights that can be used for upgrades and discounts. Simply join our Egret Club to start earning today.

Visiting South Korea

The capital city, Seoul (ICN), is a unique mashup of temples, hiking trails and religion with technology, fashion and electronic K-Pop music. Simply taking a walk through the city is an experience for all of the senses! Eat street food at the market, enjoy the local museums and immerse yourself in Korean culture. Jeju offers a more remote experience of Korea. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, dormant volcanoes and lava tubes, so if you want to unwind after your visit to Seoul, there’s no better place. For a reliable flight to South Korea, make Xiamen Airlines your first choice.