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Interesting facts about Haikou

Book a flight to Haikou, capital of Hainan Province and China’s second-largest island. It is commonly known as ‘Coconut City’, featuring sun, soft sand and crystal-clear waters. Start your relaxing holiday today by choosing Xiamen Airlines for your flights to Haikou.

Things to Do in Haikou

Haikou is a beach lover’s paradise, with sea on three sides and excellent resorts and bathing beaches. Drop by Holiday Beach to relax, or Xixiu Beach for sailing and windsurfing. In fact, this is where teams train and hold competitions. For bird lovers, Dongzhai Harbour Mangrove Natural Reserve is the place to enjoy many of its colourful visitors.

Haikou Cuisine

To appreciate the island’s abundant local cuisine, drop by Qilou Snack Street, the emporium where food stalls sell local specialties. Due to its location, seafood is of course a must. It also has many different and often exotic types of fruit, from jackfruit to carambola and more.

Haikou Travel Tips

Haikou also hosts a popular observance: the Huanhua Festival (Flower Exchanging Festival), celebrated on January 15th of the Chinese lunar calendar. Young people express their positive feelings towards each other and pray for a happy life to come for the year ahead. Thousands then visit the flower market to eat and dance the night away.

For a friendly arrival in this gentle city, book your Haikou flights with Xiamen Airlines today.

Weather in Haikou

Tuesday ,light rain
28°C 15/10/2019
Wednesday ,light rain
27°C 16/10/2019
Thursday ,light rain
27°C 17/10/2019
Friday ,light rain
27°C 18/10/2019
Saturday ,sky is clear
27°C 19/10/2019
Sunday ,light rain
28°C 20/10/2019
Monday ,few clouds
28°C 21/10/2019
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