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Compare Quanzhou to Cebu (JJN - CEB) Deals

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*Prices have been available for round trips within last 48 hours and may not be currently available. Additional baggage fees for other optional service may apply. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Compare Quanzhou to Cebu (JJN - CEB) Deals

Weather in Cebu

Sunday ,moderate rain
31°C 17/11/2019
Monday ,light rain
29°C 18/11/2019
Tuesday ,moderate rain
29°C 19/11/2019
Wednesday ,moderate rain
28°C 20/11/2019
Thursday ,light rain
28°C 21/11/2019
Friday ,light rain
29°C 22/11/2019
Saturday ,moderate rain
29°C 23/11/2019
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