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China holds a world of breath-taking antiquity – home to the oldest and most complex continuous civilisation. Prepare yourself for a country rich in culture and invigorated with a diverse array of characters, stories, buildings and natural features. Who could resist the Great Wall, snaking over rugged mountains topped with serene temples? Or those timeless villages, Buddhist grottoes and desert forts, wrapped in quiet history? Or, for that matter, the majesty of the Middle Kingdom – the glistening lakes of Tibet or the rice terraces and bamboo forests? Book flights to China today with Xiamen Airlines and experience it all for yourself.

What to Do in China

Explore the Silk Street market, a thriving shopping market accommodating 1,000 retailers. Whatever you are looking for, the Slik Market has it.

Get in touch with the scarlet Forbidden City, at the heart of Beijing. Built over 250 acres, the palace is filled with ancient Chinese artefacts and served as the imperial home of 24 Emperors during the Ming and the Qing Dynasties.

Also, hike through the stunning Tiger Leaping Gorge, for the most unmissable trek in south-west China. It is one of the deepest canyons on the planet and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will discover spectacular sceneries along this 18 kilometres long and 3,790 metres deep gorge that is a paradise for hikers, photographers and nature lovers.

Then, finally, uncover an archaeologist’s dream with the Terracotta Army tomb in Xi’an, where you’ll find a subterranean, life-size army, replete with thousands of soldiers guarding the soul of China’s first unifier.

Get ready for a true adventure – book your flights to China with Xiamen Airlines.